Here’s what “as-is condition” means when selling a home in California.

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The answer is yes, without a doubt.  It is actually written in the purchase contract the buyers and sellers sign.  So what is “AS-IS” condition – what does it mean? 

Sellers are essentially saying they are selling the home in its current condition.  It also means the buyer/s are willing to accept responsibility for any work that needs to be done.  

Because we now know the home is being sold in “AS-IS” condition, there are two particularly important questions to ask yourself as a buyer – do you have the right to do any type of inspection on the property you wish?  And, do you have the right to ask the sellers to fix anything that is not to your satisfaction even though the home is being sold in “AS-IS” condition?  The answer to both of these questions is the same – yes and yes!!  

Just because a home is sold in its current state does not mean you shouldn’t do any and all inspections you wish to determine the health of the home.  After you have done a home inspection, plumbing and roof inspections, should you ask for the seller to repair/credit any broken or non-working items??  My answer is absolutely yes.

Now here’s the kicker – Is the seller required to make those repairs or credit you money?  No, they don’t have to anything – remember the house is being sold in “AS-IS “condition.  In fact, the seller is not even obligated to respond to your request for repairs.  They don’t even have to acknowledge that you have asked for repairs or a credit.  (90% of real estate agents out there don’t even realize homes are automatically sold in AS-IS condition and sellers do not have to respond to request for repairs).  With that said, most sellers will respond and either make some or all of the repairs or credit the buyer/s some money or a combination of both.  

Hopefully you buyer/sellers out there are working with an agent who understands your rights and the contract because it benefits you tremendously throughout the escrow period and negotiations and will absolutely save or make you money depending on whether you are the buyer or seller.