Here’s what stays with a home and what leaves with it when it’s sold.

Congratulations, you sold your home and now you are in escrow. You have 30 days to pack up and move. So, what do you take, what stays?? Simple, you take all your personal property, in fact you are contractually obligated to remove all your personal property. So, what is personal property??

Many buyers/sellers do not actually know what conveys (stays with the property) and what automatically transfers to the buyers when you sell your home. Most items in your house are considered personal property. Personal property is a class of property that can include any asset other than real estate. The distinguishing factor between personal property and real estate or real property, is that personal property is movable – it isn’t fixed permanently to one particular location (tables, chairs, couches, beds etc.)

So now that you know what to take – what stays?? According to the CAR form RPA – Residential Purchase Agreement, Page 3 of 10 #8 B 1-6, the following stays with the property:

1. All existing fixtures and fittings that are attached to the property.

2. Existing electrical, mechanical, lighting, plumbing and heating fixtures, ceiling fans, fireplace inserts, gas logs, grates, solar power systems, built-in appliances, window and door screens, awnings, shutters, window coverings, attached floor coverings, television antennas, satellite dishes, air coolers, conditioners, pool/spa equipment, garage door openers, remote controls, mailbox, inground landscaping, trees/shrubs, water features and fountains, water softeners, water purifiers, security systems, and if checked by the buyer-stoves, refrigerators and washer/dryer.

Now keep in mind that anything and everything can be negotiated. If a seller wants to take the AC unit, kitchen cabinets along with all the built-in storage cabinets in the garage, they can, as long as the buyer agrees. If nothing is discussed and put into the contract all the above applies.

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