So how do you get 60 buyers and investors to one showing in a two-hour period and generate 18 offers, most of which are over asking price?

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It’s simple– price the subject property just under market value and have one showing time (especially with income – multi-unit property with multiple tenants, multiple families and schedules which makes it hard to schedule showings in general).

This gets everyone to the property at once creating huge interest which will ultimately create better than average offers.

Costco does this with by creating a limited supply of seasonal items which they tend sell out immediately!

Keys to the successful showing/open house:

  1. Dress professionally
  2. Know as much information about the property as possible
  3. Know your competitors/inventory available in the neighborhood
  4. Bring a lender to answer any lending questions a buyer may ask
  5. Be nice

If you have any additional questions, please be sure to contact me right away!!

By the way this particular property generated 18 offers and sold for 60k above asking price!!

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