Throughout the pandemic, here’s how we’ve been helping home sellers succeed

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It was surprisingly easy. 

Most sellers, assuming the home is occupied and not vacant, do not  want a lot buyers traipsing through their home during a pandemic – so that meant no open houses and no lockbox on the front door so agents could show the property as they please. We had to improvise. So how did I do it?? It was really easy. I’ve been selling my listings in this way for years.

“With my strategy, sellers are only inconvenienced for a two-hour window.”

I use an MLS feature where you can put a property for sale weeks before I actually hits the market. Now, if the seller and the agent have properly priced the home (slightly below market value – the lower you price your home the more money you will get – will discuss in another newsletter/video), and have proper marketing (again a later video/newsletter), networking, phone calls, letters, emails and texts there should be enough interest in the property the day it goes “live” on the market. 

The key is – only have the home available for showing during a 2 hr window on a Saturday e.g., 2-4 pm. This does one thing extremely well; it creates urgency – everyone arrives at once so the buyers know they are competing and this will naturally drive up the purchase price without us have do a thing. Also, the sellers are only inconvenienced for a 2 hr. period. Low inventory has helped a tremendous amount also. 

If you have priced it properly and know how to select the right offer and agent (this is a real skill and should not be underestimated), you should be in escrow Monday morning.