Curb appeal is a big deal if you want to make a good first impression - here’s what good curb appeal looks like.

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So, is curb appeal that big of a deal? YES. Other than price, it is one of the most important and critical things you can do as a seller. Have you heard the expression you only get one chance to make a first impression?  Well, it’s true, especially in real estate. If you’re demanding and expecting top dollar for your property, curb appeal must be excellent. 

I can tell when I pull up to a house – just based on the appearance of the house and condition of the front yard, what the inside is going to look like. For 90% of the properties, the outside of the house will literally mirror the inside. If it looks crappy outside, the inside is the same. It happens every time.  

Think about your friends, family, neighbor’s homes and you will realize I’m right. I don’t care if the home is selling for 500k or 1 million dollars, the curb appeal better be top notch if you plan on getting top dollar. I have literally seen so many of my clients body language change completely as they are walking up to a house that looks run down from the outside. It tells me they already don’t like the house, and we haven’t even stepped inside yet. Even if the inside of the home is actually nice, most don’t want to write offers because of the appearance of the poor curb appeal and the initial first impression and feeling they had.

“If you’re demanding and expecting top dollar for your property, curb appeal must be excellent.”

So what do I mean by curb appeal? It’s everything you can see by either walking or driving by the property – Front yard, stucco, roof, landscaping, neighbors, cars, side yards and driveway.  

So if you are thinking about selling, before you fix up the kitchen and bathrooms, my advice is to make sure the curb appeal is the best on the block.